The future in treating
lameness in cows


The combination of ethics, sustainability and economy were the focus of the development of CowMotion. Lameness is the third leading cause of culling in dairy cows. On the one hand claw disease is a painful and heavy burden for the animals, on the other hand claw diseases lead to economic deficits in the farm and even affect the environment. In the case of sick animals, milk production is not only reduced for a short time, but there can be a long-term reduction in lifetime efficiency.

A quick recovery and longer lifespan has a positive impact on the environment and causes less CO2 emissions. CowMotion and sustainability?

Lameness in cows is a global ethical and economic problem

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Every third dairy cow in Germany suffers from a hoof disease and becomes lame.

PraeRi (2020): Tiergesundheit, Hygiene und Biosicherheit in deutschen Milchkuhbetrieben – eine Prävalenzstudie (PraeRi);
Final Report, 30.06.2020

30% of dairy cows that leave the farm leave because of lameness.

Animal friendly treatment

"Avoid suffering. Best possible therapy for the animal. Sustainable management."

This principle forms the basis for the development of CowMotion. A wide variety of factors were taken into account and combined into a high-tech product.

  • CowMotion is tailored to the special biomechanics of bovine claw
  • CowMotion supports the natural digital cushion of the bovine claw
  • CowMotion promotes anatomically and physiologically correct movement
  • CowMotion reduces the risk of damage by absorbing the entire weight load of a limb
  • CowMotion protects the soft parts of the claw
  • CowMotion is adapted to the hardness of the sole horn at the respective point
  • CowMotion supports the natural function of the supporting edge
  • CowMotion transfers the pressure forces to the load-bearing structures of the claw
  • CowMotion prevents pressure peaks and reduces the development of claw ulcers
  • CowMotion prevents incorrect loads by adsorbing the double pressure load
  • CowMotion is precise to adjust and easy to attach
  • CowMotion is flexible, pressure equalizing and still durable
  • CowMotion is suitable for all surfaces
  • CowMotion consists of a support layer and a damping layer
  • CowMotion makes it easier to step on and off
  • CowMotion can be easily removed

Economic benefits

A healthy cow is an economic added value for the farmer. Hoof diseases alone are directly or indirectly responsible for 50% of the annual replacement.

When used consistently, CowMotion offers decisive advantages for the owner.

Less milk loss
More lactations
Longer Life Cycle
Fewer departures
No early slaughter
Lower treatment costs
Improved climate balance
Fewer cows needed