CowMotion Hoof Glue 1:1 50ml

CowMotion Hoof Glue 1:1 50ml

CowMotion Hoof Glue 10:1 50ml

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  • CowMotion Hoof Glue 10:1, 50ml
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The CowMotion Hoof Glue 10:1 50ml is suitable for our CowMotion glue dispensing gun 10:1 50ml.

CowMotion Hoof Glue is a two-component acrylate-based adhesive. The special feature is the longer open time of 60-120 seconds at room temperature. The longer open time is necessary to apply the CowMotion orthosis optimally. We glue the wall horn of the cattle claw to the cap of the CowMotion orthosis in order to optimally protect the sole of the cattle claw. This gives us a larger bonding surface on which other adhesives unfortunately harden too quickly. The adhesive has a liquid consistency and only develops a little heat.